Top Played Artists 4/30/13 – 5/7/13

2 BLEACHED Ride Your Heart
4 THEE OH SEES Floating Coffin
5 WAVVES Afraid Of Heights
6 BORN RUFFIANS Birthmarks
9 KURT VILE Wakin On A Pretty Daze
10 YOUTH LAGOON Wondrous Bughouse
12 WAXAHATCHEE Cerulean Salt
14 KATE NASH Girl Talk
15 BLACK ANGELS Indigo Meadow
16 WILD BELLE Isles Columbia
18 NO JOY Wait To Pleasure
19 DUMP I Can Hear Music
20 FLAMING LIPS The Terror
21 WIRE Change Becomes Us
22 DIRTY FENCES Too High To Kross
23 THE KNIFE Shaking The Habitual
24 ALLISON WEISS Say What You Mean
26 LOW The Invisible Way
27 BORED NOTHING Bored Nothing
28 THE MEN New Moon
29 MUDHONEY Vanishing Point
30 VILLAGERS Awayland

From The Archive: The Holy Mess Live @ WKDU (10/6/2010)

Listening to this session, it is easy to see how The Holy Mess have established themselves as one of the finest (not to mention funnest) bands in Philly over the last couple years.  When they came down to the station in late 2010, they played through the entire (then-recently released) Benefit Sesh EP, plus a couple other tunes.

[bandcamp album=141424762  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande2]

Concert Review: Wavves/FIDLAR @ Johnny Brenda’s (April 9th, 2013)

By DJ Honeybear

Okay so I’ll be honest, I did not catch Cheetahs set because the season premiere of America’s Next Top Model (College Edition) happened to come on my television at 9:00. But when I eventually got off my couch and walked down my block to Johnny Brenda’s, I entered just as LA’s FIDLAR (FUCK IT DOG LIFE’S A RISK) was setting up. Continue reading “Concert Review: Wavves/FIDLAR @ Johnny Brenda’s (April 9th, 2013)”

Album Review: Langsom Dans by Gliss


By Shannen Gaffney

Victoria Cecilia and Martin Klingman of L.A. band Gliss have created something truly beautiful with their third studio album, Langsom Dans. A sort of middle ground between the straight-up pop melodies of a Dum Dum Girls hit and the harmonic fullness of a Beach House song, Langsom Dans is filled with a mix of attention grabbing drums and synths on the first two tracks, and moves to more calming waves throughout the bulk of the album. The blending voices of Cecilia and Klingman is seemingly effortless, both singing lead vocals on different tracks. Klingman’s voice on the heartfelt ballad “Waves” evokes a theme of helplessness, while “The Sea Tonight” is an uplifting pop song about hanging out by the water. Still, the most captivating song is “A to B,” with swirly synths and bouncy keyboards as well as heavy bass. Cecilia’s vocals here are reverb-covered, yet desperate and very human all the same as she sings, “I’m standing here naked, with doubts on my mind.” Neither of these songs are the single, which speaks to how good the album is as a whole. The single, “Hunting” is an addicting dark pop tune, Cecilia’s voice reminiscent of a more subtle Shirley Manson. Langsom Dans is definitely an album to check out this month, recommended for fans of shoegaze and dream pop.

Top 10 Overlooked Albums Of 2010

By Paul Brown

A list of my favorite albums no one seemed to care about during my first year as Music Director of WKDU

To this day, I have no idea if I think of 2010 as a great year for music because it was my first year exposed to EVERYTHING that was coming out (and I still had a wide-eyed enthusiasm for the concept of infinite free music), or if I just lucked out gaining the responsibility of MD during this amazing year for music.  Either way, I fell in love with countless albums that year, many of which eventually got some national attention / blog love.  Even some smaller bands ended up signing to big indie labels and getting attention that way (such as Happy Birthday and Avi Buffalo releasing their respective fantastic debut albums on Sub Pop and getting fancy Pitchfork reviews, etc).

There were, however, dozens of albums that went completely unnoticed, even by my fellow DJs at WKDU.  Because of this, and because of my nostalgia for the music that came out in 2010, I’ve put together a list of my favorite albums that seemed to have been released into some kind of vacuum:

Continue reading “Top 10 Overlooked Albums Of 2010”

Interview: Cloud Nothings (April 6, 2011)

When Dylan Baldi Came to Town: An Interview with the mastermind behind the Cleveland lo-fi pop-punk band Cloud Nothings

 By Carolyn Haynes

About an hour before Dylan Baldi and fellow bandmates played at Johnny Brenda’s back in April 2011, I had a chance to sit downstairs and talk with him about what this band was all about. While he didn’t blow up “Wavves fast”, he has gotten a considerable amount of attention in the past three years. The current lineup (which features TJ Duke, Jayson Gerycz and Joe Boyer, along with Baldi, of course) has only been together for a year and a half and already they’ve toured Europe three times supporting acts like Yuck and Toro Y Moi. Not to mention playing SXSW two years in a row, touring with Wavves, and signing to Carpark Records.

Continue reading “Interview: Cloud Nothings (April 6, 2011)”