speed dating w/ wkdu djs (pt.2)

a little bit of get-to-know-ya with the hosts of your favorite radio shows!

Alison Durham


SHOW NAME & SLOT: Dial Error, 12pm-1pm on Thursdays

TOP GENRES: punk, post-punk, folk

MOST RECENTLY ATTENDED CONCERT: Fleabite /Wet Nurse / Microsoft Saint / Missing Earth @ Glitter Galaxy

MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: ate a Wawa pumpkin muffin while typing and got grease/crumbs all up in my laptop!!


Esmail Hamidi


SHOW NAME & SLOT: I don’t do a show right now (because school is really hard and I’m trying to graduate owwwwwww) but over the summer, I do a show with Nick S called Toilet Radio. You can check out our manifesto here: Toilet Radio: an UPDATED manifesto and my show archives/mixes here: Mixcloud .

– Long story short, its a philosophy. I always struggle to draw common threads between all the music I like. And alot of its on old records..

-I also produce sessions on http://wkdu.bandcamp.com, make silly station ID’s and fix broken stuff around here.

TOP GENRES: dub anything, weird 90’s rock, lofi disco

MOST RECENTLY ATTENDED CONCERT: Lena Willikens DJ at the Dolphin a couple weeks ago. Other than that, Cayetana and Weaves at PhilaMOCA back in August

MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: Getting too deep into Wikipedio instead of sleeping.

(HEADS UP (this is not part of this dj’s bio): WKDU is presenting a show on Saturday and Cayetana will be opening for PUP along with Chastity. Its going down this Saturday at Union Transfer)


James Friszell


SHOW NAME & SLOT: Cool Times and Sad Jams, Mondays 7-9pm

TOP GENRES: math rock, emo, punk


MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: I missed out on that Shannon Moser show. That looked cool.