speed dating with wkdu djs

Curious about the voices behind your favorite radio shows? Look no further… In this new blog segment, we’ll introduce you to a handful of WKDU DJs every week!


Jamila Payne

SHOW NAME & SLOT: Heart & Hustle Friday 4pm – 6pm
TOP GENRES: Classic Soul, Modern Soul and Afro Beats
MOST RECENTLY ATTENDED CONCERT: Judith Hill and Hiatus Kaiyote
MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: Leaving my keys in an Uber and going to pick them up from the driver who was on stage singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” on Karoke night at TGI Friday’s


Jordan Pyle
SHOW NAME & SLOT: Poltergeist, Mondays 1-3pm
TOP GENRES: rock, punk, experimental
MOST RECENTLY ATTENDED CONCERT: Japanese Breakfast at Everybody Hits
MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: brought compost bin into a clothing store without realizing that it smelled like a compost bin…
Matt “Sunny” Sundal
SHOW NAME & SLOT: Sundown Lounge, Sundays 6-8pm
TOP GENRES: electronic, noise rock, hip-hop, experimental stuf
MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: I’d rather not say, but another one is buying 3 festival tickets without regard for my other life expenses.
Chris Burrell
SHOW NAME & SLOT: Hot Mix, Tuesday 10pm-12am
TOP GENRES: house, techno, disco
MOST RECENTLY ATTENDED CONCERT: Lena Willikens at the Dolphin… she plays weird powerful dancey music while effortlessly chain-smoking cigarettes… I was in awe.
MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: turning the shower on when the curtain wasn’t inside and flooding my hotel room.