Top Played Artists 8/20/2013 – 8/27/2013

1    SUPERCHUNK    I Hate Music    (Merge)
2    NO AGE    An Object    (Sub Pop)
3    DIARRHEA PLANET    I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams    (Infinity Cat)
4    RED DONS    Notes On The Underground [7-Inch]
5    SHANNON AND THE CLAMS    Dreams In The Rat House    (Hardly Art)
6    ISLANDS    Ski Mask    (Manque)
7    COKE WEED    Back To Soft    (Self-Released)
8    HUNX AND HIS PUNX    Street Punk    (Hardly Art)
9    WEEKEND    Jinx    (Slumberland)
10    WASHED OUT    Paracosm    (Sub Pop)
11    FOOTBALL, ETC.    Audible    (Count Your Lucky Stars)
12    PSYCHIC TEENS    Come    
13    OCTOPUS PROJECT    Fever Forms    (Peek-A-Boo)
14    NIGHT BIRDS    Born To Die In Suburbia
15    FRONT BOTTOMS    Talon Of The Hawk    (Bar/None)
16    KING TUFF    Was Dead    (Burger)
17    SIGUR ROS    Kveikur    (XL)
18    KID CONGO AND THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS    Haunted Head    (In The Red)
19    CAMERA OBSCURA    Desire Lines    (4AD)
20    OWEN    L’Ami Du Peuple    (Polyvinyl)
21    PITY SEX    Feast Of Love    (Run For Cover)
22    LEMURIA    The Distance Is So Big    (Bridge Nine)
23    SERENGETI    Kenny Dennis    (Anticon)
24    GAUNTLET HAIR    Stills    (Dead Oceans)
25    POND    Hobo Rocket    (Modular)
26    GRANDCHILDREN     Golden Age    (Earnest Jenning)
27    HEBRONIX    Unreal    (ATP)
28    MINKS    Tides End    (Captured Tracks)
29    GOGOL BORDELLO    Pura Vida Conspiracy    (ATO)
30    BASS DRUM OF DEATH    Bass Drum Of Death    (Innovative Leisure)

Top Played Artists 8/6/2013 – 8/13/2013

1 WASHED OUT Paracosm   (Sub Pop)
2 COKE WEED Back To Soft (Self-Released)
3 SHANNON AND THE CLAMS Dreams In The Rat House (Hardly Art)
5 KING TUFF Was Dead (Burger)
6 OWEN L’Ami Du Peuple (Polyvinyl)
7 SMITH WESTERNS Soft Will (Mom And Pop)
9 LEMURIA The Distance Is So Big (Bridge Nine)
10 KOPECKY FAMILY BAND Kids Raising Kids (ATO)
11 HOT CHIP Dark And Stormy [EP] (Domino)
12 SALVIA PLATH The Bardo Story (Weird World)
13 HUNX AND HIS PUNX Street Punk (Hardly Art)
14 GRANDCHILDREN  Golden Age (Earnest Jenning)
15 PSYCHIC TEENS Come (SRA Records)
16 WEEKEND Jinx (Slumberland)
17 FUCK BUTTONS Slow Focus (ATP)
18 NIGHT BIRDS Born To Die (In Suburbia)
19 CAMERA OBSCURA Desire Lines (4AD)
20 NATIONAL Trouble Will Find Me (4AD)
21 LOVE LANGUAGE Ruby Red (Merge)
22 ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER Personal Record (Merge)
23 HEBRONIX Unreal (ATP)
24 BASS DRUM OF DEATH Bass Drum Of Death (Innovative Leisure)
25 DAUGHN GIBSON Me Moan (Sub Pop)
26 PITY SEX Feast Of Love (Run For Cover)
27 SERENGETI Kenny Dennis (Anticon)
28 A GREAT BIG PILE OF LEAVES You’re Always On My Mind (Topshelf)
29 SURF CITY We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This (Fire)
30 POND Hobo Rocket (Modular)