WKDU 2021 Picks

Our favorite albums from this year!

Dominick // Partly Cloudy

pick #1: For the first time by Black Country, New Road

pick #2: By the Time I Get to Phoenix by Injury Reserve l

pick #3: Bright Green Field by Squid

pick #4: Smiling With No Teeth by Genesis Owusu

pick #5: Drunk Tank Pink by Shame


pick #1: Gouldian Finch 4 by bitbird

pick #2: Wahala Edits Vol. 1 by salute

pick #3: The Fool by Bladee

pick #4: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY by DJ IKEA CANADA, “this is just one song but warrants its own place”

pick #5: Absolutely by Dijon

Derek H // Where’s the remote?

pick #1: Hayday by Feeble Little Horse, “awesome new band from pgh and dc, ffo tagabow, swirlies, spirit of the beehive”

pick #2: Garden Bed by 22º Halo “local, intelligent soft spoken guitar music for cold crisp fall mornings”

pick #3: Something to Look Forward to by Hooky, “local, one of my favorites, drum machines and detuned vocals like indie rock gameboy”

pick #4: Guttering EP by MJ Lenderman & Wednesday, “asheville nc, lofi w/ a southern rock feel and powerful vocals”

pick #5: Dogfood by MAH KEE OH, “texas, the first half of this album starts with quick and dark tracks, finishes with some heartfelt slowcore”

Kiva K. // The Ghoul Disco

pick #1: Here in Heaven-Flesh of Morning, “dark/synthwave”

pick #2: Badtime vol. 1 & vol. 2, “realllllly good dark post-punk”

pick #3: birdfeeder- A Country Western

pick #4: Quale Futuro? Qlowski

pick #5: Only Sleeping-Vaguess

Bart Jaskulski // SLAPB0X

Pick #1: Tako Tsubo by L’Impératrice

“I haven’t ever heard of this group before this year, but I was clearly missing out. They keep being labelled as the “alternative to Daft Punk”, but I got to disagree. Tako Tsubo is an album that really defines on its own merit, creating such a spacey landscape while keeping it electrifying the whole way through! Favorite Track: Submarine”

pick #2: A Tiny House, In Secret Speeches, Polar Equals by Sweet Trip

“Back after 14 (!!) years, Sweet Trip is a band that I’ve grown to love in these past couple of years 🙂 Their newest album “A Tiny House” secures that position for me. Building off of their second album “YWNKY”, they keep the same genre space while expanding across the board on what they’re capable of. Favorite Track: Walkers Beware! We Drive into the Sun”

pick #3:

Butterfly 3000 by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

“Easily one of my top 5 King Gizz records, this was the perfect summer album for me. They get into such a melodic, dreamy state while keeping the rhythm of what they’re known for throughout all of their albums. Favorite Track: Shanghai”

pick #4: mesh by mesh

“This EP is exactly what I want out of a punk EP. It doesn’t strive to make anything over the top, but it’s just so fun to listen to as a whole, blending elements of post, psych and punk altogether. Favorite Track: CIA Mind Control”

Alina // Sonic Rendezvous

pick #1: Alkisah by Senyawa

pick #2: Valdez by Birds of Maya

pick #3: Chart For The Solution by Writhing Squares

pick #4: White Dwarf by Heavenly Bodies

pick #5: How to Moonwalk by Emily Robb

brooklyn // let’s talk about boys

pick #1: GLOW ON by Turnstile

“This band has just been growing and growing, both in popularity and sound; I am always eager to hear what they come out with next.”

pick #2: birdfeeder by a country western

“Philly slowcore, how can it get much better than that?”


pick #4: Violent closure by Gel, “jersey hardcore”

pick #5: Cabalcade by black midi, “they never cease to confuse and excite me”

Alex aka djq // In My Bag

pick #1: Cinema by the Marias, “feels like a sonic movie”

pick #2: Space 1.8 by Nala Siniphero, “Spacious but bright modern jazz”

pick #3: The House is Burning by Isaiah Rashad, “unapologetic and honest hip hop with song-for-song bops”

pick #4: Nine by Sault, “cmon fam this project was a breath of fresh neo-soul air”

pick #5: Vince Staples by Vince Staples, “8 songs, 22 minutes, no skips, just raw”

Sam Axelrod // fair trade radio

pick #1: Hayday by feeble little horse

pick #2: Twin Plagues by Wednesday

pick #3: Cool Dry Place by Katy Kirby

pick #4: ALEXALONEWORLD by alexalone

pick #5: Marriage Material by Lorkin O’Reilly

Cameron // Dog Daze Radio

pick #1: Vince Staples by Vince Staples, “Favorite track: Take Me Home”

pick #2: Play With the Changes by Rochelle Jordan, “Favorite track: Love You Good”

pick #3: SURE SHOT by OSSX, ” Favorite track: UNDERNEATH THE STARS (OSSX Edit)”

pick #4: Bigger Than Life or Death by EST Gee, “Favorite track: 5500 Degrees”

pick #5: BLK VINTAGE by BLK ODYSSY, “Favorite track: FUNKENTOLOGY”

Amy Carson // Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals

pick #1: For the first time by Black Country, New Road

“Every year, the indie scene seems to pick a few albums to hype into oblivion, but BCNR’s debut is actually deserving of it all. Blending post-punk with that huge, anthemic sound only achievable by having way to many band members, every song is guided by lyrics that simultaneously feel deeply insightful and like you are witnessing a mental breakdown happen in real time. Absolutely exhilarating and feels like it was made to specifically fit my taste in music lol.”

pick #2: Ignorance by The Weather Station

“Somehow I missed this when it came out earlier this year, but I’m so glad I finally listened to it! Absolutely beautiful orchestral folk/pop, with incredibly meticulous arangements throughout. The whole album also just sounds amazing from an engineering perspecive, making it such a warm and enjoyable listen.”

pick #3: Seek Shelter by Iceage

“I’m a sucker for Iceage. This album feels so ambitious and big, while still retaining an underlying aggression from the band’s earlier, punkier albums. Plus, I love how they threw in a random, dorky 70’s AM-pop-inspired song smack in the middle with the song “Drink Rain”

Lukas // Windows Down

pick #1: By the Time I Get to Phoenix by Injury Reserve

“Few records capture the destructive nature of loss in such a raw and unique way. As the final work of Injury Reserve member Stepa J. Groggs, this record serves as a surprisingly close examination of the unexpected repercussions of sudden loss. However, it also gives us a look into the creative originality of Injury Reserve as a group. While songs can come off as rough and even violent, it reflects the mindset of its creators as they came to wrestle this sudden loss. This record is a tough listen but a project that fully encapsulates why death is so destructive isn’t suppose to be an easy one to ingest. This is not for everyone but if you can handle this record, you can find true beauty within the group’s mourning process.”

pick #2: Sometimes I Might Be Introvert by Little Simz

“Little Simz has reshaped the landscape for female rappers and with her sophomore record, I am awe stuck by just how much better this record is than her last. Not only does it expand upon her lyricism but the grand and orchestral production allows Little Simz to stretch her wings in a new and exciting way. She manages to touch on sexism, love, abandonment, and so much more in a potent hour long record. It’s an amazing continuation of her previous work and makes me confident in saying that she is the best female lyricist right now.”


“I don’t know how she did it but Backxwash has somehow exceeded every expectation I had for her follow up album. Taking everything she demonstrated on her past record and refining it, Backxwash has created songs that surpass the rest of her discography. While I still believe “God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It” is the stronger overall project, it’s hard to disagree that this record doesn’t have better individual tracks than the original.”

pick #4: A Martyr’s Reward by Ka

“Ka’s last record was an amazing conceptual dive into religion and his responsibility to his family. But Ka elevates past his previous peak by tackling his survivor’s guilt around his success and the unjust appropriation of Black culture. It’s an incredibly deep album that is pulled off amazingly by a master lyricist and outstanding use of sampling. Everything about this record is somehow superior than Ka’s last and it’s a truly surprising feat.”

pick #5: Private Space by Durand Jones & The Indications

“I loved this band’s previous album, “American Love Call”. It was the perfect love letter to 50’s music and with this new record, the band tackles 60’s soul and funk. Few albums have so perfectly paid homage to its influences while feeling wholly original. Everything from the smooth vocals, retro production/instrumentation, and lyricism that tackles modern day issues come together to make one of my personal favorite albums of the year.”

Philip Gross // Clangour

pick #1: Pollen by Superbloom

“This was far and above my favorite album of the year. On top of it just generally being an amazing album, it also gave me nostalgia for music I grew up hearing on the radio in the late 90s and early 2000s.”

pick #2: Comfort to me by Amyl & The Sniffers

“Favorite Tracks: Hertz, Snakes, Security”

pick #3: Spare Ribs by Sleaford Mods

“Favorite Tracks: Nudge It, Mork n Mindy, Spare Ribs”

pick #4: Too Much Nothing by The Weep

“Favorite Tracks: Sophie Said, No Cold Winter, Widow’s Weeds, You Won’t Wonder”

pick #5: Sweep It Into Space by Dinosaur Jr.

“Favorite Tracks: I Met The Stones, And Me, Hide Another Round, N Say”

DJ Roo // Politics of Dancing

pick #1: Black Halo by Hybrid

“6th studio album and it sounds better than ever, gets better after every listen.”

pick #2: 2021 Remix Collection by Framewerk Framewerk

“Available as individual downloads on Bandcamp, each track is a gorgeous take on a later 90s/ early 2000’s Progressive anthem- spectacular!”

pick #3: Quattro II by John Digweed

“Spectacular production from a true master, 56 tracks not to be missed!”

pick #4: The Luzoscura Collection by Sasha

“3 sets epically crafted! A brilliant journey by DJ collection that is everything a late night set should be !”

pick #5: SOS [Charity Compilation] by Asymetrik

“Available through Bandcamp ,and produced by Asymetrik this beautiful compilation on Bandcamp is a charity album for those communities effected by this summers wildfires in Europe.”

Joshua Patton // Glass Cannon

pick #1: Sympathetic Magic by Typhoon, “Favorite Track: Evil Vibes”

pick #2: Astro Tough by audiobooks, “Favorite Track: First Move”

pick #3: Sometimes I Might Be Introvert by Little Simz, “Favorite Track: Protect My Energy”

pick #4: Deep England by NYX & Gazelle Twin, “Favorite Track: Better in My Day”

pick #5: io by Circuit des Yeux, “Favorite Track: Oracle Song”

Carolyn // The Music of Sound // Art of The House

pick #1: GLOW ON by Turnstile

pick #2: Heaux Tales by Jazmine Sullivan

pick #3: ULTRAPOP by The Armed

pick #4: Celestial Blues by King Woman

pick #5: Black to the Future by Sons of Kemet

pick #6: NINE by SAULT

Scott Kelly aka DJ Kel // The Nod

pick #1: @0 by Various artists

“ompiled by Coldcut @ Mixmaster Morris. A great variety of wistful, sweet, and calming ambient music featuring both new and old names.”

pick #2: Rift by Martinou

“Hypnotic dusky deep techno without the monotony, instead it gets better and more detailed with each listen.”

pick #3: A User’s Guide To Existence by Curved Light

“Playful sequencer-based music with a slightly retro flow to it, like old soundtrack or library music.”

pick #4: Angel Tears In Sunlight by Pauline Anna Storm

“Completely unique, engrossing ambient music with amazing texture and detail in every minute.”

DJ Junior // Eavesdrop Radio

pick #1: Mindfuckfulness for Self​-​helpless Cognitive Misers by Helsinki Headnod Convention

pick #2: Abstractions by Zo! & Tall Black Guy

pick #3: An Insight To All Minds by Kaidi Tatham

pick #4: Aspects by STR4TA

pick #5: Power Of Soul (The Music of CTI) by Kosmos Jazz

Sean Lavery // Music That Kills Puppies

pick #1: Product of my Environment by Jarhead Fertilizer

“The Midatlantic has been pumping out death metal for hardcore kids for most of the past decade, but Jarhead elevated the form. This grindy slab of caveman riffing death metal is the butt wiggler and toe tapper of 2021.”

pick #2: Tales of Othertime by Stormkeep

“Yet another gem of a band from Denver (ft members of Wayfarer and Blood Incantation), Stormkeep delivers perfectly executed Dissection worshipping melodies, lyrics of wizards, and dungeon synth interludes.”

pick #3: Exhumed Information by Fulci

“These Italian death metallers take a step away from their slam-oriented roots to deliver a gore-laden gem of an album, with a B-side filled with soundtrack instrumentals worthy of their horror namesake.”

pick #4: Pale Swordsman by Kekth Arakh

“Lofi bedroom black metal executed superbly. Melancholy, with borderline romanticism woven into the sound.”