6 Shots of Black Friday Angst

By Esmail Hamidi
This mini-playlist comes from a particularly grumpy November afternoon – not necessarily Black Friday, but you get the idea. Songs that go through your head while you’re getting trampled trying to buy something you don’t need. Or something. Consumerism normally inspires positive emotions. In this playlist, this is not true.

1. I’ll Buy Myself – Suicidal Tendencies
Crass commercialism has never been far from music. I see this song as drawing connections between the self-indulgent similarities of music and consumerism, but that’s just me.


2. Every Table Needs a Knife – Vulture Shit
These boys got it covered. Their tunes draw comparisons to DFA1979, but fronted by the most charismatic, demented lead singer you could possibly pull out of a record crate, and sporting riffs that would set your local Guitar Center’s doorbuster effects pedal display on fire.

3 . Human Being – Coloured Balls
Step back. Think about it. You’re running through a crowd, and why is everyone here? To buy stuff. What? To me, the underlying theme of this song is getting wrapped up in thinking too hard about things. “What is a human being?”

This Australian proto-punk foursome laid the roots for AC/DC and tons of other rockers. They also tend to rip.

4. Goes Black – BIG UPS 
This day has gone black. Friday, that is.

5.  T.V. – Blink 182 
Before they were the poster boys of mallcore, Blink 182 kinda ruled. It reminds me of playing dumb PC skateboarding games. RIYL scrappy Ramones-esque harmonies and a straight California vibe.


6. $$$ Problems $$$ – Brown Rainbow  

There are just some feelings you can’t put on layaway.

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